Handcrafted with Love


All items are lovingly made in my smoke free home.  Care is taken with each order to be sure you have a unique custom gift for your loved one.  Colors may vary due to differences in computer monitors.  Please supervise children with items that have small parts. 


Care instructions for felt items:

  • Some items are small and could be choking hazards.  
  • Children under 3 should be supervised.
  • Do not machine wash.  To clean, dab gently with a damp towel and air dry.
  •  Flammable, keep away from open flame.



Care instructions for hooded towels and blankets:

  • For the first wash, use the color catcher if one is included. 
  • Wash with like colors and dry at normal temperature (do not over dry).  
  • Lint can transfer from the towel to the hood. 
  • Use a lint brush or tape to remove.  Do not use bleach.

Lip balm instructions:

  • If your lip balm is not inserted into the opening, there will be instructions provided on how to do this.  I try not to insert them so buyers know they are new.  Some come in multiples with no protective packaging on each individual one so I do insert those. 
  • As with any lip balm, don't use if you are allergic to the ingredients and stop if you develop a rash. 
  • Keep the lip balm clean and dry and don't use if contaminated.

I try to have your items as perfect as humanly possible.  I do sometimes miss stray threads or pieces of lint on items.  You can use a lint roller to remove any  lint and a small scissors to carefully trim any stay threads.